hey, east coast, put your collars down

Some random thoughts:

What is up with this east coast preppy old school style?  I joke with boy about how I make some very mismatched color combinations and questionable choices in clothing when I get dressed for work, but I must have acclimated to the west coast’s freedom of style more than I thought.  East coast will always be the place of winter wool pea coats, leather mary janes, and summer time looks that come straight out of a Land’s End catalog.  This is me, mocking the way my friend wears her sweaters:

I totally pressured my friend into taking me to the 24 hour LL Bean store in Freemont.  Just beacuse.  It’s open all year around and it’s LL Bean.  Little did I know it’s like an LL Bean complex.  A little mini mall on its own.  It reminded me of those times in college when you’re bored and possibly drunk and you take a trip to Walmart just to play in the aisles.  What?  You didn’t go to college in a small little upstate New York town?  You missed out.

The only person I buy souvenirs for is Jack.  He got a collar from Maui, so I really wanted to get him collar that represented the east coast.  I thought maybe an LL Bean collar but didn’t find one that obnoxiously screamed THIS COLLAR IS FROM LL BEAN IN MAINE.  I ended up finding this in a cute dog store in Bristol, RI and I’m very pleased with it.  So is Jack.

I learned how to make ravioli from scratch.  My self-confidence has increased exponentially because of this.

Boston and I have a love/hate relationship.  I want to love it.  Really, I do.  Maybe in a few years if it can get its roads together.  But every visit I make it does seem a little more approachable of a place.  I mean, at least the people are nice.  My license picture was complemented twice out there!  That’s all of 2 times more than ever before!

I had no idea Maine had so many islands.  We motor boated around them on the Why Dan!  It was awesome and lovely and hopefully I will have pictures to back that up.  We brunched on an island, Chebeague, and did I say it was awesome and lovely?  And homemade cinnamon rolls that tasted of freshly baked brioche.  I want to quit my job and get a summer gig at the Chebeague Island Inn.  No, for real.

I had a good visit with my brother and will hopefully have pictures to back that up by as well.  Family is more important to me as I get older and so is letting them know I love them.  So when I had to once again hop out of the car and take off in a run to catch a train while waving goodbye and mouthing “thank you” while thinking goddamit I’m gonna miss the train, I felt bad.  This is ALWAYS how I say bye to my brother because in his presence time is a loophole of always having enough time until the last 20 minutes when someone realizes holy shit we’re LATE! and stress levels rise and 20 minutes is taken off the end of my life. But it was still a good visit and I made my flight with enough time for the stomach ache the stress caused to pass before I got on my flight. 

Those dives and the flip I did off the floating dock?  Yeah, I was totally showing off.


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2 responses to “hey, east coast, put your collars down

  1. People who insist on wearing sweaters around their shoulders in 80 degree weather deserve some gentle mocking. Ditto those who pop their collars.

    By the way, I’m going to become a reader of your blog…no pressure or anything.

    It was so great seeing you again and I hope you keep in touch! I think I missed out on the drive-up talks but I enjoyed chit chatting with you once you got up there!

    Chebeague Island 2009…be there.

  2. Richard

    You have a refreshing and original way of writing…and *sigh*…a life I envy…

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