so, i’ve been walking funny lately

All day I’ve kind of been hobbling about, sticking my butt out a little, wincing every time I get up from a chair.  Why?  Bad advice.

I’ve read in a few places (okay, I know I’m not citing anything, but I can’t remember where!  I swear it’s more than one source!) that running with a heel-toe strike is bad for the joints.  Remedy?  Mid-foot to toe strike.  This is supposedly better on the joints.  Now, I don’t know for what length of run this is reasonable, but it’s not like I run far.  And since I’ve been having knee pain, I thought it would be worth a try.  Yesterday I did 2 miles with Jack concentrating on striking the ground with the front of my foot.  And today, I am in PAIN.

I think the proper term is “calf shredding”.  And that pretty much explains the sensation.  Like the muscles in my calves have dislodged from the bone and they are so tight that my calf might pop at the slightest flex of my foot.  It hurts. 

This summer I cut back on running from 5-6 times a week to about 3 times a week.  I noticed I’m not as tight when I go to yoga and my body appreciates running less.  And Jack doesn’t seem to mind.  So I walked him around this morning then went to work and going down the stairs to the train had me sort of rocking side to side down each step.  I told a triathelete at work what I did and he just came short of calling me an idiot.  Lunch had me in the yoga room in the basement stretching my calves out over a chair. 

So I don’t think I’m going to be trying that running technique in the future.  But I am looking for some good running blogs if anyone has suggestions.


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2 responses to “so, i’ve been walking funny lately

  1. Jen

    First, I got the books–thank you! Cannot wait to read them!

    Second, my running coach in high school always told me that your foot should strike the ground directly under you as opposed to in front of you. It means that you take shorter strides, but he said that’s the most efficient/lowest risk way to run.

    I haven’t been running lately–my back has been just killing me! Thought that wouldn’t be an issue for at least a few more months!

  2. I had the EXACT same experience with my running. Going heel/toe causes soreness my knees, but striking the ground with the front of my foot just feels awkward. I’ve been experimenting with the front-foot stride though, and I’ve found if I use a more rolling motion (ball of foot pushing towards the toes) it’s better than just striking the ground without rolling at all. Does that make sense?

    I definitely haven’t hit my perfect stride…but now that I read Jen’s comment, I want to try her strategy of hitting the ground directly underneath where I’m running. I hadn’t heard that!

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