a dabble into politics

I was super fired up yesterday morning.  All other political issues aside, what upset me most were the responses I saw to Sarah Palin and how this affects women voters.  So, why exactly would a woman follow McCain now that he has a woman veep?  Oh, that’s right, because he has a woman veep.  Am I the only one confused by this assumption?

After I saw someone tweet this:

Did you see that sign in the audience: “Hillary supporters for Mccain”. Suh-WEET!

I was just… upset.  That anyone would make an assumption that a woman would follow a woman because she’s a woman.  But then boy pointed out that the assumption has already been made that a black man will follow a black man because he’s a black man.  And that’s just crappy.

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  1. Omigod.

    I had the same reaction, and then became even more fired up when I found out that she was asked to be the nominee after one meeting and phone call with McCain. Seriously?

    And, then there’s the Hillary supporters for McCain issue. I’m truly stunned that anyone (man or woman) who supported Clinton before Obama got the nomination could possibly think they’ll get a better deal with the McCain – Palin ticket.

    ‘Cause the Republican platform’s going to change now that there’s a female candidate. Uh, yeah. Let’s see how that works out.

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