the black-bottom cupcake incident

I hate sharing food.  When I eat, I’m hungry and I usually intend to finish everything on my plate.  Really, I don’t like to share anything.


The black bottom cupcake.

One night several years ago (more like 4) boy and I spent the evening walking around Rockridge.  We bought some desserts from that little pastry shop by Peabody’s before driving back to the Creek where, at the time, we lived together.  I sat on the floor leaning against the couch and he was sitting on the couch and we watched TV in the dark eating our desserts.  I offered him some of my cupcake before I finished it.  And when he gave it back to me, all the cream cheese was GONE.  He stripped the cupcake of the best part, the part I was saving for last, because it was the BEST PART!

In his defense, he thought I was offering him the rest because I didn’t want any more… (as if I’d ever not finish a cupcake?)

And I entered into one of those completely unjustified rages that had me throwing a temper tantrum and him offering to drive all the way back to buy me a cupcake and I narrowed my eyes and sharply said, “no. but you owe me.”

And since then, he cannot pick food off my plate.  Ever.  And when I divide desserts in half, if there is a slight size difference, I get the bigger piece.  And if he looks away, damn straight I’m going for that raspberry in chocolate sauce on his plate.  But if I see his fork near my honey chocolate crepe, he will be reminded of the cupcake.  The one where he took the best part, and left me the crumbs.


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