Imagining Death

The topic came up in the car tonight.  But it’s not the first time we discussed this.  With boy being 11 years older than me, we’ve discussed who might die first.  I think he will.  Because he’s old.  He says I will.  Because I stress out too much. 

And in the car he mentioned my death, and I cut him off to correct him.  “My death will be spectacularly dramatic.”  I went on to describe it as a car wreck, while on my way to the hospital where I work.  Hit by some driver that has no respect for life or humanity. 

Boy looked over to me and said “you’re joking, right?” 

“No, there will probably be a lot of blood.”

“Because I’m writing a story and in it that is exactly how you die.”



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3 responses to “Imagining Death

  1. laurentwins

    umm, is this normal. I guess if your a writer, you think in detail. Maybe you have an anxiety disorder! You know it runs in families! HA

  2. Thanks for outing me on my anxiety disorder, sister! yeah, like no one could tell that from my blog…
    I just thought it was weird both me and boy imagined my death to be the same. But I forgot to add that what led to the conversation was that he said I would probably die from tripping over Jack while running and landing on my head. While I didn’t land on my head, I did trip over him and slide through the mud, later followed by Jack running head on into a trash can. So the latter death is probably more likely.

  3. Mom

    Reading about my two daughters on their blogs is both enlightening and entertaining.

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