random in between the studying

It’s hard core midterm season.  Although so much of it is lost to fret and worry, I can admit that this drive, the marathon studying for 5 hours straight on a Sunday afternoon, this is what keeps me in school.  I like it.  But here are some random thoughts from the moments in between my studying (which is not much.)

  • Is fall proposal season or is this just a mid-20’s symptom?  All over the place I am hearing about so-and-so who just got engaged.  Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great.  But once a wave of proposals and weddings hits, it pushes me far away from wanting what seems to be the trend.  But I guess everything comes in waves.
  • I like hearing the phrase “first world problem”.  Now I can use it on people when they are describing the difficulty in finding the right pair of work shoes that are comfortable enough to go out in for drinks or the necessity of quality trivets.  It’s a delicate way to let you know I could care less and maybe you should too.
  • I don’t like facebook.  In fact I hate facebook.  Not only do I keep getting constant reminders that I am moving up in ranks as the most athletic of my friends and maintaining my rank as least merry person, I had to delete my friend’s message about my raging hormones disrupting several girls’ cycles because it would be visible to all my colleagues (that was you Mrs. M!!).  My colleagues just wouldn’t be able to handle the notion that my hormones are THAT infectious (b/c, oh, they are.)  I just don’t like facebook.  Please, don’t poke me.
  • Are you satisfied with what you contribute to society now or do you even care?  I know, it’s a loaded question, but I’m not judging you on your answer, just curious.
  • In case you were wondering, the whole brushing the dog’s teeth has gotten much better with patience and perseverance.
  • On another dog note, I was running this morning with Jack on the road (asphalt being softer than concrete) and I heard a ‘thump’.  I looked down to see Jack stumbling out from having run head on into a parked car.  A car didn’t hit my dog, my dog hit a car.  He continued on with his tail and head down ego damaged, but soon after forgot and was bouncing around.  He needs blinders.
  • Lastly, I’ve been working hard to manage my stress level this fall.  It always bites me in the ass during midterms and, in turn, I bite everyone’s head off around me.  So what have I been doing?  Using my personal days as ACTUAL personal days.  And it has been helping a ton.
  • Maybe this will be lastly.  The other stress reliever – the dog park.  And the weird thing about the dog park is when you start to talk to people at the dog park.  Did you know that about 1/3 of the people at the dog park don’t have dogs?  You may think I’m joking, but when you live in such an urban area as Oakland or Berkeley, it’s hard to find a place that accepts pets.  So I imagine this is where people come to get their fill of dog play.  Or stress-relief.  I think it’s nice.


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4 responses to “random in between the studying

  1. I love the “first world problem” phrase as a delicate way to tell someone to shut up about it already. Only thing is that I can’t help feeling that there is a better way to put it. “top 10% problem”? “luxury problem”? Cause let’s face it, in this 1st world country there aren’t actually too many people (and the number is growing smaller and smaller) who have the luxury to worry over those things either.

    My favorite phrase is MJD. Heard it in a story on the radio (This American Life) and use it all the time. It stands for Modern Jackass Digest and is used when someone is pontificating on something they clearly don’t really know anything about. Example usage: “oh really? you should publish those thoughts in MJD.”

    Can you tell I am disgruntled? Historians don’t have midterms, but they do have midterm. Anxiety much?

  2. I heard that show on NPR – I love the term modern jackass! But have you ever noticed that if you don’t assert yourself like a modern jackass people will never believe anything you have to say? This frustrates the crap out of me, as if just because I can admit I don’t know enough about something to have an opinion about it doesn’t mean I don’t know anything. So I’ll just be in the corner pouting…

  3. codee

    “First world problem” is also an excellent term to use on yourself when a reality check is needed. Like, when omg you just have NOTHING to wear and need to go shopping NOW! Say to self: “Self, that’s a first world problem. Move on.”

    For your contribution question, I think everyone cares to a certain extent. It just depends on how you rectify that. I know I’m not doing much. Judge away…

  4. First world problems have definitely kept me from buying clothes during my stress freak outs.
    But does it matter if people rectify their lack of contribution to society? Or, for that matter, have the desire to rectify it? I don’t know, I get down on this subject a lot. I don’t think people see themselves as part of society. And that’s bad. Really bad.

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