peter le feu

It’s what I realized today.  That experiencing passion and sharing passion is sometimes difficult.  Remember my rant about how ferns are awesome (they have flagellated sperm!)?  Did you know some people could care less about this?  No, really.  Some people don’t care. I know, I don’t get it either.

Today I finally made the connection as to why I don’t tell certain people certain things.  Have you have been really excited about something and down played it for someone because you thought they wouldn’t understand?  I’m an atheist.  And I remember when I made the decision to be atheist.  I felt liberated.  Free to move about.  Able to experience this world fully without wondering what’s next.  I was really excited by my decision. But I couldn’t share it with my best friend and I still haven’t.  I don’t know if she feels passionately about her religion or if it’s something she wants to feel strongly about.  For her, religion is familial, tradition, culture.  For me, it felt like a weight.  So why would I ever volunteer this in conversation?

But then there are moments, often surprises, when I’m talking with someone, and I very lightly throw in something, like being a pre-med student.  And they catch it and take a curiosity to it.  And as I explain how I came to this and why I came to this it becomes easier to let it go and it feels good.  And suddenly I appreciate the person I am talking to so much more because having a passion acknowledged by someone feels good.

And I hope I can pass it on.  Recognize what other people feel passionately about without letting it slip away in a conversation.

And yes, peter le feu, it means exactly that.  Farting fire.  But in a good way.


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2 responses to “peter le feu

  1. Life without passion(s) is much like cupcakes without icing (or the sprinkles). How could one live without the icing?

    You are going to make an incredible doctor.

    And I hope that you never lose your passion because who really wants a doctor that can’t relate to the healing power of a great cupcake.

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