lessons from the past week

  • how I feel after I take an exam is not a good indicator of how I performed on the exam.
  • contact paper, that stuff used to line kitchen cabinets and drawers, is meant to frustrate the crap out of people like me.  I spent my Saturday night measuring, cutting, sticking, peeling, unpeeling – because I couldn’t possibly let my utensils and dishes touch the bottom of a cabinet or drawer that I have yet to use.  icky.
  • regurgitation and vomiting are actually 2 different things.  Also, nothing can get me more emotionally frazzled than Jack.  Ever since moving into the new apartment Jack has been experiencing what appears to be acid reflux.  When he did a spontaneous regurgitation that seemed to surprise even him, I flipped out and called the humane society vet.  I have never liked this vet, so I got a referral to a pet hospital.  I left work to rush him over there where I was comforted so much by the professional staff.  They have doctors that specialize in neurology, radiation, acupuncture, seizures, surgery… Jack warmed up to them right away.  After finding a heart murmur (on the first visit, he’s been to the humane society at least 3 or 4 times the past year and NO ONE has ever said anything about a murmur) Jack is being monitored for one more week before we decide on whether or not to get a chest x-ray.  Worst case, pneumonia could develop if he inhales while regurgitating.  Best case, he is super sensitive to his mom’s moods and with a move and midterms, I haven’t been the most relaxed person.
  • lastly, apparently I’m not too good at sharing things.  Did I mention boy and I have moved in together after 3 years in separate places?  yup.  we did.  Why did I forget to mention this?  Probably because I’ve been super defensive and protective of what the last year has been like for us.  For good reason.  But what it amounts to is a lot of hard work put back into a relationship that’s worth having and keeping.  And this one’s for keeps.


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2 responses to “lessons from the past week

  1. Moving in together is definitely a big step. And you waited longer than a lot of other people do! I’m sure this new arrangement will work out for you guys just fine. 🙂

  2. Congrats on being in a good place with Boy! Relationships are work – but worthwhile – and I am so happy you guys are happy. And email me offline if you want some more info on the whole canine heart murmurs and diagnostics thing. The myriad of tests can be expensive but worthwhile if they think the murmur is severe enough. You can also put him on COQ10, Hawthorne Berry and Omega 3s and 6s to help. The good news is it’s all treatable. Bella and I have been through the whole 9 yards this past few months with it. I’m also convinced that harried, bad vets won’t hear them – she’s 5 and someone just now heard it. And Bella is just like Jack when it comes to me – she’s a tuning fork to my moods unfortunately. It is what it is.

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