I Heart Turkeys

I don’t keep my adoration of wild turkeys a secret.  I love them!  They’re awesome!  And I love hiking and hearing the gobble gobble gobble of a gaggle of turkeys behind a thicket.  So of course I can’t eat them on T-day.  Not for lack of liking the meat, I love cooked turkey, smells AND tastes delicious.  But I just can’t do it.  (Not to mention that Palin video… Good grief woman!)  So boy and I settled for a vegan shepherd’s pie with kidney beans and chickpeas.  What really made it yummy?  Ground walnuts.  Here are some pics:

Lastly, because this is the season as the commercials would indicate, I bought a fitness DVD!  Why?  Because after the move I realized my knees can’t take much more running before falling off, so I better find an alternative in order to cut back and save my tendons.  And here I was griping about fitness DVD’s because they are for lazy people that don’t want to step outside and it’s going to be so low intensity… Right.  Here’s what I bought:


And about 25 to 30 minutes in, I turned to boy and huffed out “oh lord I think I’m going to throw up…”  There were cardio moves I was so lost during and I skipped side to side in our new apartment creaking the hard wood floors flailing my arms wondering who in their right mind could follow this stuff!  It’s a mix between light cardio and light sculpting moves but it’s back to back to back with increasing intensity and I was following the non-toned girl they put in the mix for the beginners.  It’s good for me because all I do is run and my body is so used to running that I can go on and on just running.  But can I touch my toes?  Not with out my hamstrings screaming because they’re so tight from running.  Can I lift a heavy box?  Not quite because my arms get no workout aside from swinging back and forth on a run.  It’s challenging.  And after doing it again tonight I want to go out and get more.  And a leotard and leg warmers and an aerobic step (but really, I close the curtains and make sure boy is so enthralled in playing Left 4 Dead so I don’t have to worry about anyone seeing me marching in place, knees up, and swing it out, and did she say right or left?  wait, what the hell are we doing?)

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