the list

I used to dig through all his stuff when we first got together.  I was eager to know everything about him, too naive to know that the process was worth savoring.  Who is this guy, where did he come from, what has he been through?  Who broke his heart in the past, whose heart did he break?  Why did he have a box full of action figures?

Seven years later, I’m not as curious.  I’ve known his daily routine for nearly four of those years.  So why would a glance through his wallet as I sat kinda bored in the bathroom surprise me?  (and who threw away all my catalogs!)

Because of a list he keeps in his wallet.  A list of things I said I liked with the items he already bought me scratched off.  Unless you know someone else who hates pigeons as much as I do and can find the irony in a canvas painting from Urban Outfitters that says “I Love Pigeons” a hysterical gift.

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