25 things

My sister tagged me on facebook with this “25 random things” list.  I told her I wasn’t doing it, but I just didn’t want to do it on facebook.  So I’ll do it here.  Yes, my facebook page links to my blog, but you know how facebook is.  Unless you self-promote yourself via your feed, no one bothers to look on your page.  So there’s less of a chance all those random colleagues I have as friends on facebook will find this.  I’ll start with the reason I have never done one of these things.  But rules first:

If you you get this, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

(To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click post.)

Obviously, I’m not on facebook.

1)  I hate memes.  Why?  B/c they scream “look at me, I want to talk about me!”  (verses the narcissism of blogging..? I know.)  I’m not judging you, this is my problem.  I hate overt displays of ego.  Which leads me to:

2)  This girl I used to work with would come up to me and go on and on about the guys that would hit on her.  Either on the bus, on myspace, at the gym…  She only did this to me and I couldn’t stand her while everyone else loved her.  I didn’t understand why she did it, and it made me feel like shit.  Too much ego in my face.  I was so happy when she left, but I couldn’t let anyone at work know that.

3) That guy I briefly left boy for was the same way and I dread running into him because it’s a 5 minute brag session before getting in the last breath”and how are you?”  And just like with the other girl, I feel like shit afterwards.  I just don’t get it.

4) I’m trying to get over this by not being afraid to toot my own horn (and I’m not talking about flatulence.)

5) Although, while we’re on the subject of flatulance and tooting my own horn… well, enough said.  Boy can back me up on that one.

6) And also, since I made a B in physics when I was SERIOUSLY convinced I was going to fail, I now have it in my head it’s very possible I could be a medical physicist.  So I’ve been reading this physics theory book and actually really enjoying it in a sci-fi kind of way.

7) I’m by myself on a Friday night in my apartment watching Ghost Whisperer and getting scared.

8) I’m worried I won’t make it to 25.

9) I was afraid of the dark until the age of 17.  I always had nightlights.

10) I still have the blanket.  It stays under my pillow.

11) I can’t believe I just admitted that.

12) Part of keeping that blanket so close is sentimental value.  My grandmother made it.  She died before I was born.  Sometimes its absence in the middle of the night can still send me into a panic.

13) Obviously, I’m very insecure.

14) Insecurity also makes me overly proud and stubborn as hell.  My mother will gladly testify to this as I have pulled those 2 traits out on her one too many times.

15) Look!  I’m at 15!

16) Sometimes I sit at work and worry about Jack.  I also worry that I won’t cope very well if something ever happens to him.  It’s embarassing to admit the amount of attachement I have to my dog.  But I will say he got me through some of the toughest times I have had in my adult life.

17) No one could ever take care of me like boy does.  I don’t say it enough because after exposing too much of our break up on here I’ve been more protective of what I do say.  But it’s true.  He’s my best friend and then some.

18) I find 20-something blogs I like and start commenting and following them on twitter to establish an online social network.  I recently had to unfollow someone completely because she got engaged and started going on and on about offering advice on how to find “the one” and how to have a good relationship and how to live a better life (she doesn’t read my blog, I’m pretty sure I know who reads this.)  I found it not very genuine, overly optimistic, and it annoyed the crap out of me.  It felt like high and mighty self-branding.  Should I feel bad about this?

19) I could talk forever about the importance of eating healthy.  Bottom line is I don’t, I mean I do, often, but oh, I don’t.  This back and forth pattern, eat healthy, eat a whole pan of brownies, probably puts me at a very high risk for an eating disorder.  I am very conscious of my weight (my grandfather has always asked about my weight and my mom compared my body type to Tonya Harding when I was a ballerina then later called her a cow on ice.  Not blaming, just sayin’…)  Most important part is that I don’t have an eating disorder and never have, but it’s a constant uncomfortable unease with my body and diet that I really hate.  Ooooh, what it is to be a girl.

20) My one big regret was quitting ballet too soon.  I developed a woman’s body earlier than the other ballerinas and was put in the class with the older girls, but I didn’t have the emotional capacity to deal with the weight factor.

21) I want to be a doctor more than I let people know.  I can’t wait until medical school.  I get very excited talking about it.

22) I’m pretty sure I still have friends that doubt my ability to do this.  I don’t know if they realize saying things like “some of us just don’t have the aptitude” in response to my struggles with physics is pretty transparent in how you think I’ll do.

23) And nannannabooboo, I did well in physics so in your face.

24) I’m going to meet boy and a friend at dinner now.  They went to see a scary movie.  I don’t do scary movies.  I’m too sensitive.

25) And I don’t plan on washing my hair or getting out of my jeans and tee shirt anytime soon.

Did it!

The End.

And all my readers who have blogs need to do the same.  Wandering Bella, The Blonde, The Purposefully Content, The IT Girl, and everyone else.  kthxbye.


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3 responses to “25 things

  1. #18, about the girl you stopped following because of her revised subject matter — I don’t blame you. It’s awesome for people to be happy, but there’s definitely a fine line where you don’t want it to seem like you’re rubbing your happiness in everyone’s face (or that certain strategies that worked for you will necessarily work for other people).

    I don’t like scary movies, either!

  2. You will so make an incredible doctor. And I so relate to worrying about Jack. I already did this on Facebook but will post over at the WB (my WB…) 🙂

  3. Zandria, consider this your tag for the 25 things.

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