To all that care:

Jack caught his first frisbee mid-air today.  I turned away after throwing it to swat at a mosquito and then glanced back in time to see him 2 feet off the ground securing the disc in his mouth.  He dropped it right after he caught it, more interested in the blades of grass that were so surprisingly exciting to my little ADHD dog.  But this is a big day, one that has been long in the making…


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3 responses to “pride

  1. Mom

    Go Jack! Love, Mom

  2. Do you know what I love about this? You wrote in the Jack and Al bio that “some day he will catch a frisbee” 🙂 Jack rocks.

  3. The funny thing is, this whole time I don’t think it was Jack as much as it was my bad frisbee throw that would hit the ground before he got to it 🙂 I may be the one who needs more practice.

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