on a more important note…

I’m in need of a hair cut.  But I refuse to get one until I can decide:


bangsNo bangs?

stupid al 004In between bangs?

short bangs

Things to keep in mind – I have a lot of thin hair which means it can frizz… easily.  Bangs require straightening.  Which can be a pain.  Also, I gain weight in my face, so my cheeks may potentially get fuller and bangs make me feel they are distracting from my big cheeks.  Lastly, I’m still growing out a bad choice to get highlights (as seen in the second picture).  I had them low-lighted down enough to not have a definitive line in the growing out process, but there will be an obvious color difference between the top and bottom of my hair.

Temptation?  In between bangs with a layered flippy thing just above the shoulder.  Why am I not going to do it?  I so rarely ever wear it down.  Pony tail and bun are my comfort zone, and I’ve had boy-short hair.  BAD boy-short hair (no matter what boy says b/c he loved it…)

Leave a comment, let me know!



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3 responses to “on a more important note…

  1. Mom

    Listen to your sister

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