About Al & Jack

boy was commissioned with writing my bio – like 5 months ago.

i put the page up as a threat. like here it is boy, write my bio or be damned.

so far, somewhere, there are a few sentences written about how i hatched from a gator egg and perhaps a mention of ‘magic thumbs’…


I adopted Jack in November 2007.  He’s a 25lb Aussie Cattle mutt rescue with the biggest curiosity for life.  Someday he’ll be able to catch a frisbee in mid-air, but in the mean time he likes to herd cows, lick feet, and follow me wherever I go.  Did I mention he can fly?

2 responses to “About Al & Jack

  1. We travel almost everywhere with the Dharma Dog, an Australian Cattle Dog. We call him our seeing eye god. Nice reading your blog.

    Keep it lit,
    Baba, Lizzie & the Dharma Dog too

  2. jamileena

    I love him!

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